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Building the Project Length Calculator: Q&A

Recently the Def Method team launched a Project Length Calculator tool on the Def Method website.  In this article we’ll connect with the team that built the tool to see how they overcame certain obstacles and found ways to build a helpful calculator.

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Why I Switched from Sublime to Atom

A programmer’s text editor is a very personal choice. I will always look back fondly on the time Sublime Text and I spent together, but eventually we grew apart. Now there’s a new text editor in my life, and I couldn’t be happier.

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Quickie: Less Columns on Your Board

So you have a “Agile Board”(TM) congratulations! If you are like any of the people I’ve worked with recently you’ve got lots of columns to keep track of all the possible states a story card could be in.

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Translating Dolphin Speak

It happens to us all at some point. You start excitedly explaining something to a colleague. You have just reached some sort of groundbreaking epiphany, or hit some immovable roadblock in your work.  But as you fervently and passionately explain your predicament, or your genius, you can see a light go out behind your colleague’s eyes. Why can’t they lend empathy or aid to your frustration or see the obvious beacon of your genius?