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Writing Mix Tasks for Fun and Profit.



Source: Code and Cocktails

I’m beginning to learn a little Elixir & Phoenix and I ran into a case where I wish I had a Mix task for something. Specifically I wanted to run `npm` scripts with mix so I’d only have one command to run instead of both `mix` and `npm` for my toy Phoenix project.

Writing a Mix task is reasonably straightforward with only a few steps:

  1. If you want to create a mix task called “echo” then create a module called `Mix.Tasks.Echo`. The task name seen in `mix help` is based upon the name of the module minus `Mix.Tasks` (The module needs to be called `Mix.Tasks.Something` otherwise `mix` will not see it).
  2. Add `use Mix.Task` to this module.
  3. Write a public method called `run`. It has the type signature: `run([binary]) :: any`. That means that it will get a list of strings (the command line arguments) and can return anything.
  4. Add a `@shortdoc`. This will be used as the text in `mix help`. Without this your task will not appear in `mix help` but will still be usable.
  5. Optionally add a `@moduledoc`. This will be used if you run `mix help YOURTASK`.

You can put this module where ever you want in `lib` but typically you would put it into `lib/mix/tasks`.

That’s it.

An interesting thing I found was that step #2 was not actually needed. That behaviour defines `@shortdoc` so without it you cannot use `@shortdoc` to add the task to `mix help` output.

Since I was creating a mix task for use in a build I needed to make sure that if the task was not successful that `mix` would return an error code so that the shell could see the error and fail a build. At first I assumed that the return value of the task was how that would be done; however I didn’t find much documentation about this. I experimented with some likely return values like `:error` or `{:error, "something"}` but that had no effect, it always returned a zero exit status to the shell. Ultimately I choose to raise an error when the task didn’t work and that definitely caused a non-zero exit status.

If you want to see the end of result of this experimentation you can check out my first ever hex packagemix-npm. The source can be found in the GitHub repository: verdammelt/mix_npm.