ACS: Integrating across multiple systems to launch a flexible, streamlined interface



Company Type

Cybersecurity Company


Construct middleware that communicates information from the ACS platform to and from third party tools they work with


User Stories, Product Development & Maintenance, API Specification Documentation


Created documentation and built middleware API within a system expected to have at least hundreds of thousands of users connected

Who is ACS?

Advanced Cyber Security Corp. (ACS) offers individualized solutions for their clients to secure their valuable assets through endpoint security. ACS offers plans ranging from enterprises to small businesses, providing the first line of defense to a company’s layered security protocol. Their custom-developed softwares encrypt keypresses on the kernel-level that addresses keylogging spyware, a main component in cyberattacks and phishing, as well as remote capture and visually indicates which text-fields are safe to type into.


ACS works with multiple security services such as Mcafee and requires a single, unified API such that new third parties can connect seamlessly to their platform. While protecting personal information from passing through remote servers, the middleware API needed to be compatible with multiple types of systems providing a singular way to communicate with the ACS platform.


We worked with ACS to establish an API contract, by identifying specifications for each of the different systems and formalizing communication between them. Through continuous testing, we worked through network communications, connection errors, and data logging to produce a single, flexible interface that wrapped the services of the multiple systems.

Technologies & Tools

  • Frameworks: Ruby on Rails, Rails API
  • Integrations: Heroku, Integrated Web Services for IBM
  • CI/CD: CodeShip CI
  • Load Testing:, Artillery


With the streamlined, highly-available middleware we built, ACS seamlessly replaced one of their downstream data providers with an in-house solution that did not affect user experience. Their security service already serves hundreds of thousands of users, with expectations of serving 1-2 million users.

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