Corcoran: Improving Agile processes and empowering real estate agents



Company Type

Real Estate Company


Improve internal team processes and provide software development to optimize real estate agents’ abilities to serve their clients


Agile processes, User Interviews, Test Driven Development


Improved Agile processes and system improvements in the real estate search function to better empower agents while serving their clients.

Who is Corcoran?

Corcoran is a full-service luxury real estate company that focuses on building personal relationships with home buyers to find them the best home to fit their needs. Corcoran has a growing company of professional real estate agents who work with clients to find homes across the country.


  • The Agents at Corcoran needed new solutions for showing listings on mobile devices (phones and tablets), communicating with clients and potential clients, and scheduling.
  • The Corcoran Group wanted to improve Agile processes internally to efficiently handle new technological development, which needed support as well.
  • The existing system had a few hurdles:
  • ~~Duplicate listings of the same property, each with different details
  • ~~Misspellings in listings due to human errorInternal transition from existing UI frameworks to React (a new framework)


  • Internal processes:
  • ~~Optimized the team’s Retrospectives and IPMs to drive successful iterative development
  • ~~Introduced continuous integration and deployment into Corcoran’s engineering practice
  • External database:
  • ~~Built on the existing ASP.NET code using ElasticSearch to enhance search and filter capabilities for real estate agents.
  • ~~Developed interface to merge duplicate real estate listings with only the relevant details

Technologies & Tools

  • Languages: C Sharp
  • Frameworks: Angular 1, Angular 2, React
  • Testing: Jest
  • Backend: ASP.NET,  ElasticSearch, RavenDB


The updated system allowed agents to pull more relevant and accurate real estate information for their clients. The new interface for duplicate listings increased the IT division’s ability to focus on technological problems, as administrators now had the capability to easily edit and merge duplicate or misspelled real estate listings themselves. By working with the Corcoran team on improving their Agile processes, we were able to release new features to users more efficiently, avoiding the complication of infrequent, large code deployments.

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