Degreed: Transitioning data for an enterprise learning platform with 4 million licensed users



Company Type

Enterprise Learning Platform


Transition tens of thousands of Pathgather users over to the Degreed platform


Data Transition


A smooth transition with no data loss or disruption of service

Who is Degreed?

Degreed is a learning platform that individuals and organizations use to discover learning content, build skills, and certify their expertise.


  • Degreed acquired Pathgather, an enterprise learning platform
  • After the acquisition, Degreed needed to transfer tens of thousands of Pathgather users over to the Degreed platform with no data loss or disruption of service


  • We took over the Software Development Life Cycle of the acquired product, built a tool for the data transition, and ensured platform stability and contractually required features were implemented while clients migrated from the acquired product to Degreed
  • Using the Heroku Enterprise platform, we incorporated Pathgather data into the Degreed database, one code base to another.
  • Using the Heroku enterprise platform, we incorporated the data and implemented the code base.

Technologies & Tools

  • Integrations: Heroku
  • Database: Postgres
  • Backend languages: Ruby, postgres SQL, C#, T-SQL
  • Frontend language: CoffeeScript, Javascript, Typescript HTML
  • Frameworks: Angular, Angular JS


Def Method took full ownership over the product, process, and releases on a legacy application. We provided technical leadership on the project, by coordinating with several teams to get the information needed, keeping everyone on the same page, and pushing the project forward. Degreed continues to operate both applications, servicing 200,000 enterprise users around the world.

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