HMR: From idea to iOS app MVP with 2500 active users in 3 months



Company Type

Health & Wellness Company


Develop and release the MVP as soon as possible, leverage analytics to gain insight on user experience


iOS development, User Testing, MVP Development, Support & Maintenance


iOS app MVP built in three months, with 2500 users and 5300 tasks completed

Who is HMR?

Health Management Resources (HMR) Weight Management Services Corp is a leading provider of medically-based weight management for individuals, patients and employees. HMR was founded by a passionate group of psychologists, researchers, and clinicians who are serious about improving health through weight loss.



  • Using our renowned Discovery Process, we leveraged their psychological expertise to design the most effective elements and interactions in the app
  • We set goals and priorities with HMR and their designers before going into coding to allow for the most successful yet efficiently delivered MVP
  • Our team devised analytics to gain insights into user experience
  • We continuously prioritized and adjusted trajectory while efficiently developing the MVP and user feedback
  • Incorporating user feedback during development allowed for informed prioritization of features

Technologies & Tools

  • Frameworks: Ruby on Rails, React JS, Sidekiq
  • Languages: Ruby, Javascript
  • Integrations: Heroku, Firebase Analytics, Sendgrid


We launched the iOS app MVP in three months with currently 2500 + users and 5300+ tasks completed across these users.

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