NYC Votes Contribute: Launching a new platform to streamline campaign contributions


Campaign Finance Board

Company Type

Independent city agency


Building a centralized platform to collect electronic contributions.


Design Sprint, User Research, MVP, Development


Launch a new platform, continue to build and expand features.

Who is Campaign Finance Board?

Campaign Finance Board (CFB) is an independent NYC agency that administers one of the most effective campaign finance systems in the country. CFB also runs the NYC Votes Contribute platform that provides matching funding for NYC residents running for the New York Office. CFB’s Mandate is to:

  • Help candidates rely on NY residents rather than special interests to fund their campaigns
  • Increase resident awareness and participation in the city government
  • Track donations and expenditures for public disclosure


CFB was missing a centralized platform for collecting electronic contributions focused on campaigners, and as a result:

  • Campaigners had to enter contributions manually
  • The process of uploading and collecting contributions was convoluted


We built a streamlined platform where:

  • Campaigners can advertise their candidacy; receive electronic donations; and access fundraising data
  • Contributors can easily find and make credit card contributions to campaigns.

Tightly integrated with the City of New York’s systems and Stripe, the platform’s features include:

  • Account reconciliation
  • Matching program
  • Audit trails

Technologies & Tools

  • Languages: Ruby, Javascript
  • Frameworks: Ruby on Rails, J-query
  • Integrations: Stripe


The platform creates a seamless contribution experience for both the campaigners and the contributors. With matching funds, small dollar contributions to candidates can be matched up to eight to one, meaning candidates don’t have to rely on large contributions from special interests, and New Yorkers from every neighborhood can run for office. On the platform, candidates can submit their candidacy and fundraising data and voters can contribute to those campaigns with secure transactions, payment processing, transactional emails for candidates and donors, weekly and monthly audit reporting, and analytics.

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