Pager: Building a new social media iOS app from idea to MVP



Company Type

Consumer social media start-up


Build an idea into an MVP.


Product Discovery, User Testing, MVP, iOS development


MVP built and launched to users.

Who is Pager?

Pager is a new social media iOS app that offers a new way for people to share content with close friends. Users can share a variety of content from various social media apps onto one feed and consolidate separate groups of friends into one. By bringing together content that would have been scattered across separate social media apps, Pager reimagines how people connect.


Alex Mahedy came to us to realize his vision for an app called Pager. He wanted to create a new social media app that differs from what exists right now, after noticing that people shared different content to separate groups of friends on various social media platforms. The friends are disconnected, and the content is scattered everywhere.

He had two goals for Pager:

  • Consolidate separate groups of friends in one group and have a feed with all the content
  • Users can share content with their close friends versus more the the commercial feed on instagram


Alex only had an idea of the app at the time, so Def Method kicked off the project with a product discovery to help Alex prioritize his focus and hone in on features for his MVP.

  • We conducted a journey map exercise to help him better understand how people share content on social media.

With a clearer sense of the challenge ahead, we began to build a prototype for Pager

  • In two weeks, we built the first prototype that focused on how to share content on the messages app with close friends from different social media platforms
  • We recruited 20 users to test the app and monitored them for a couple of weeks
  • We analyzed their amount of usage using Twilio and conducted qualitative research through user surveys and interviews

The results showed us that the majority of our test users wanted to share content this way. Upon seeing the results, Alex decided to move forward with an iOS app to improve the user experience.

Technologies & Tools

  • Languages: Ruby on Rails


After two months of rigorous product discovery, design and iOS and Ruby on Rails development with Alex, Def Method completed an initial version of the Pager app - an iPhone application that shares links and feeds to close friends in one click. We continued to work on maintaining and growing the product.

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