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We see each new project as a new partnership

Def Method has worked with a range of partners from top NYC museums, to early-stage startups, to the city government and look forward to working with you. 

Meet Our Partners


We've partnered with so many great companies here in New York City. At Def Method we like to team up with our clients and work together to find the best solutions possible.  Check out what we've done.


MoMA - Collaborative Problem Solving


Collaborative Problem Solving

Problem: The MoMA team was looking to launch the 2.0 redesign of their site, but were having difficulty syncing their two databases of information

Process: Def Method used an Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) solution to offer real-time updates between the two databases 

Result: This allowed MoMA to release the 2.0 website with real-time updates to their inventory



Flood Help NY

Rate Calculator

Problem: The city of NY wanted to build a site that offered residents the opportunity to understand flood risk and to get estimates on insurance rates 

FEMA and government regulations added a high level of complexity to an insurance rate calculator   

After several attempts to build the rate calculator, City of NY brought in Def Method to find a solution 

Process: We designed a way to codify the information from FEMA and insurance documents by defining patterns

Result: This allowed the end user to discover the most information with the least amount of effort

Daisybill Staff Augmentation


Staff Augmentation

DaisyBill is a medical billing platform that gives healthcare providers the opportunity to submit worker's compensation plans digitally 

Problem: The tech team experienced a high level of turnover after the CTO left and they were in need of development help

Process: Def Method was tasked to manage the offshore team DaisyBill had contracted and to help with the additional build of their platform

Result: By implementing agile techniques Def Method was able to help DaisyBill ensure proper execution of their development plans


Partners in the Press

Honestly it’s a win-win. Landlords need vendors; vendors need landlords-and we’re able to make those introductions.
— J'Nell Simmons, CEO LandLordsNY

I think recently there’s been a big resurgence in design and design thinking.
— Ellen Su, co-founder & CEO Wellinks

[There is a] nearly impenetrable complexity of flood risk assessment. It’s easy to see why homeowners need all the technical help they can get
— David W. Dunlap, NY Times


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The technology will aid county welfare workers as they investigate allegations of child abuse, neglect and exploitation. That’s no small task considering California has nearly 25,000 case workers.
— Comptia World – April 2017

Over the last month, hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions have flowed through a website created by the city’s Campaign Finance Board.
— William Neuman, NY Times