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Welcome to the Product (Def)inition Lab

Our recipe for reducing the risk of product failure. Together, we will define something great.

A sneak-peak into the Def Lab process...

Know what users actually want

Our (Def)inition process underscores the most important user pains to address and structures a plan to develop a product or features that are most likely to fulfill their needs.

Align on your product strategy

Through software development, you can create real and meaningful change for your business or organization. Realizing that power, however, requires a strategy driven by a deep understanding and alignment around the product’s definition.

Prioritize your business outcomes

A product’s definition ties directly to the results that will deliver the most value to your business. We will help you identify which ones will light the way to success.

What can the (Def)inition Lab do for your product?

Software projects carry significant risk, and many products fail because they do not resonate with users, are not useful or usable, or do not effectively resolve users’ wants or pains. Nearly all failed projects have a common failure point: failing to identify and address key risks. 

The function of the Def Method (Def)inition Lab is to identify and align on your product's definition: the features to build, the order in which to build them, and the initial milestones to hit to deliver value and mitigate risks as quickly as possible. 

Phase 1: Define Opportunities

Prioritize outcomes: Every project starts by determining the most important business outcome to optimize for.


Develop context: We’ll identify and contextualize critical unmet user pain points and assess overlap with business outcomes.


Understand engineering constraints: We analyze the engineering context and constraints, laying foundations for technical input into solution directions.

Phase 2: Define Solutions

Ideate solutions: We leverage design thinking to determine a broad range of solutions to the priority pain-point. 


Refine solutions: We assess risks, gaps, and technical constraints to refine and develop the solution concept.

Phase 3: Define Validation

Test solutions: We assess the solution by testing risky assumptions through user research and experimentation, then iterate on it as needed. 


Prioritize solutions: Finally, we determine the critical feature set for the initial release and develop a near-term backlog, and long-term roadmap.

What do I get out of a (Def)inition Lab?

This process is run by a Def Method Product Manager, Designer and Engineer, with the support and participation of the client subject matter experts and stakeholders. When applied at the start of a project, the (Def)inition Lab typically takes 3-5 weeks to complete. Once development has started, select parts of the (Def)inition Lab process are applied in parallel to development work as needed to ensure that the team continues delivering value to users and the business.

Outcomes oriented roadmap

Prioritized backlog for initial sprints

Validated wireframes and prototypes

Blueprint for initial release

Mind the Product

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The (Def)inition Lab: Our recipe for reducing the risk of product failure

1. Define Opportunities

  • Prioritize outcomes

  • Develop context

  • Understand engineering constraints


3. Define Validation

  • Test solutions

  • Prioritize solutions


2. Define Solutions

  • Ideate solutions

  • Refine solutions