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Growing Technical Teams

We help our clients grow high-functioning teams informed by our interviewing and hiring expertise.

Their team’s so good that I would hire them for my organization.

Jonathan Kestenbaum

Co-founder, Talent Tech Lab

As a part of our broader commitment to developing lasting solutions, we offer services to supplement your hiring process, providing domain-specific interviewing in engineering, product, and design.
A proven approach to hiring

We know these jobs because we do these jobs. We understand how to evaluate top talent in engineering, product and design fields and how to appropriately interview for each role. Def Method’s hiring services add confidence to your talent acquisition process by utilizing our tested and consistent assessment and grading processes.

A process tailored to your goals

We use detailed interviews based on our practice in professional services. We assess functional knowledge and experience, systems-thinking, approach to problem solving as well as interpersonal skills like ability to empathize. We are experienced in custom solutions and our interviewing and hiring services support is tailored to best serve your functional needs and business objectives.

A services that enables focus

As a supplement to your interview process, we provide meaningful input informed by our interviewing and hiring expertise. When appropriate, we onboard new employees into existing Def Method project teams, ensuring they are trained and developed as we implement your custom software solutions. This saves valuable time and attention for lean businesses where hiring and training for such roles may not be an internal core competency.

Code Tests

Evaluate how a candidate approaches a technical problem, reads and follows instructions, implements common design patterns and tests for error cases.

Whiteboarding Exercises

Candidates get an opportunity to quickly orient themselves with a new problem space, align product goals and features, and drive towards defining an MVP.

Technical Interviews

Get a better understanding of the candidate's thinking style, ability to work with others, and problem solving & communication skills.

Behavioral Interviews

Learn more about the candidate's values, motivations, and working style, in the context of their past experiences. This helps us confirm alignment with the job expectations as well as your team.

Pairing Interviews

Get a sense of the candidate’s listening, communication, and personability. What are they like to work with? Do they learn from others? Do they learn from mistakes?

Portfolio Reviews

Get a feel for the candidate's overall design process and methodology, how they use research to inform design decisions, and how other stakeholders fit into their process.

We know these jobs because we do these jobs
At Def Method our hiring services are founded on core principles
A proven approach to hiring
A process tailored to your goals
A service that enables focus
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