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Each file contains one person’s information per line.

The properties of a person are delimited by the following:

space (” “)

comma (“,”)

pipe (“|”)

Note: the above links are downloadable text files. 

You may assume that there are no delimiters in any of the properties themselves. Some properties (e.g. gender) are represented differently, depending on the delimiter. Dates are represented in American format (month, day, year).

The order of properties is different for each format. The pipe-delimited file lists each record as follows:

LastName | FirstName | MiddleInitial | Gender | FavoriteColor | DateOfBirth

The comma-delimited file looks like this:

LastName, FirstName, Gender, FavoriteColor, DateOfBirth

The space-delimited file looks like this:

LastName FirstName MiddleInitial Gender DateOfBirth FavoriteColor