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Just Not Sorry

We're Just NOT Sorry! Let's build awareness of how we qualify our message and diminish our voice. Inspired by the writings of Tara Mohr and others, this Chrome Extension for Gmail and Inbox will warn you when you use words or phrases that undermine your message. Commonly used qualifying words and phrases are underlined for you to choose how you want to address them. Hover over the underline to see additional information about how using the phrase is perceived. (Don't worry, the underline won't get sent as part of your email if you decide to ignore it.) Created by Tami Reiss, Steve Brudz, Manish Kakwani, and Eric Tillberg of Def Method (


Open Source Chrome Extension

Just Not Sorry is a free Chrome extension that underlines any words in your Gmail and Google Inbox messages that undermine your authority.

 As stewards of this Open Source code we will be looking to consistently add new improvements and would love to hear your feedback! If you're a developer, we would love to see some PRs : )