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Design & Psychology - Building Appealing Products

Featuring: Kent Robinson, Senior UI/UX Designer

Why do you love some apps and hate others? Leveraging principles of psychology is a powerful way to make products that people love.

In this webinar, Kent Robinson, Senior UI/UX Designer at Def Method discussed how to use principles of psychology to create products and make them appealing, easy and intuitive for users. When people see a collection of complex objects consisting of many elements, they tend to group them in their minds to help them make sense of what they’re seeing. Kurt Koffka summarized it as: "The whole is other than the sum of the parts.” This also applies when users interact with technology interfaces.

Understanding how users perceive your designs using psychological principles will give you a powerful edge. In this webinar we also discussed the Gestalt principles of visual perception and how they apply to design. We presented some brain teasers to show that our own subconscious methods of making sense of the world around us and how to take advantage of these principles to build appealing products.

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