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  • Katie Cladis

Don't Just Manage Your Product: Lead it!

Def Method X ProductTank NYC Event


Katie Cladis, Sr Product Manager at Def Method

Kaitlin Vignali, Director of Product Management at Flatiron School

Are you managing your product...or leading it?

Being a great product person requires a great deal of context switching - one moment you’re in the weeds, detailing complex acceptance criteria to your engineering team, the next moment you’re in an executive meeting getting alignment about your product roadmap. These different environments and tasks require different skill sets at the ready.

Even great product managers can fall into a predominantly management mindset when it comes to their products: executing features, living in dashboards, creating elaborate documentation. But it’s also important to lead your product: communicating a vision to your team, questioning feature requests, and talking to users. After all, product management is only as good as the leadership driving it.

This webinar focuses on the difference between product management and product leadership. The objective is to drive reflection on these topics, and to help you find areas to go from a great product manager to a great product leader.

During the conversation, we will tackle these questions, with an eye towards how you can go from managing your product, to leading it:

  • Are you focused on reporting on user needs, or empathizing with users?

  • Are you solving problems, or clearly defining them?

  • Are you driving feature execution, or creating team alignment?

  • Are you communicating with a high level of complexity, or providing simplicity when needed?

  • Are you making decisions in a silo, or integrating your decisions and helping others make tradeoffs?

Watch the webinar recording to learn how to go from being a great product manager to a great product leader.