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Q/A with Kent Robinson, Senior UI/UX Designer

Meet Kent, the newest member of our team at Def Method. Kent Robinson is a designer and researcher passionate about building scalable applications. He has 7 years of experience in design, strategic planning, and team building experience, specializing in user research, rapid prototyping, and visual design.

Q: Tell us about your design process. What’s your unique approach?

A: My main goal on any project is to put the user first and empathize with the goals the user is trying to accomplish. That means diving into their habits, personalities, backstories, pain points, and trying to put myself in their shoes. I also make sure I understand the business goals and needs, and what the customer is trying to accomplish.
I make sure we understand who we’re building for and don’t create solutions until we understand why we’re doing it. This includes creating personas, user journey mappings, user flow charts, and conducting competitive analysis and user interviews.
The application does the heavy lifting, not the user. I emphasize putting the complexity of a service onto the product and not the user. This reduces friction and pain points in interacting with the service.

Q: How do you collaborate with Product and Engineering?

A: I work alongside or follow the Product team to understand user goals and business solutions, working closely with them on research and discovery.
While Product conducts stakeholder interviews, I do user interviews to document personas and user research. Then we come together to prioritize pain points and figure out how the user and business goals are aligned.
I make sure that Engineering has all of the visual assets and prototypes they need to build the product and provide explanations for the designs of each feature. Then I work alongside engineers to build out interfaces.

Q: What are your favorite tools?

My favorite design tool right now is Figma. I like the collaboration piece and the ability to create responsive design components.

Q: What are your favorite projects or things you’ve designed?

Mi Beneficio Legal — it’s an immigration document service aid, which is intended to help the millions of US residents who are eligible for US citizenship status changes but have trouble due to documentation not being in their native language.

Lightning round Q/A

Q: What are your hobbies?

I love climbing, skiing, running, slacklining, paddle boarding, playing guitar

Q: Favorite sports team?

My favorite basketball team is Utah Jazz!

Q: Favorite food?

Indian food

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