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profile page: christina leuci

Profile Page: Christina Leuci, software engineer at Def Method


Software Engineer

Hometown: Lake Hiawatha, NJ

Current Location: New York, NY

Christina Leuci

Christina is a software engineer with a newfound interest in ethical hacking. She attended Rutgers University with the idea of graduating with a Chemical Engineering degree, but Computer Science held her heart. In her second year she discovered an alternative to university, the Flatiron school web development program. In January of 2014 she applied to the Flatiron School and a few weeks later she was accepted. She has devoted herself to web development and making a "name" for herself in the New York Tech community.

When did you know that you wanted to work in the tech space? When I was really young, we had a Windows 97 (I think) and I was using DOS to get around to the Duke Nukem game and such. I got into programming in college at Rutgers where it then proceeded to ensnare me and I dropped out to pursue it on a faster route.

Languages & Technologies <Ruby> <Python> <MySQL> <PostgreSQL> <RSpec> <Ruby on Rails> <JavaScript> <CSS3> <SQL> <Scala> <jQuery> <HTML5/CSS> <Photoshop> <Swift> <Heroku>