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Profile Page: Christina Leuci, software engineer at Def Method


Software Engineer

Hometown: Lake Hiawatha, NJ

Current Location: New York, NY

Christina Leuci

Christina grew up in Lake Hiawatha, a small town in the center of Northern New Jersey. She attended Rutgers University with the idea of graduating with a Chemical Engineering degree, but Computer Science held her heart. In her second year she discovered an alternative to university, a web development program. In January of 2014 she applied to the Flatiron School and a few weeks later she was accepted. For three months she devoted herself to studying Full-stack Rails Development and making a "name" for herself in the New York Tech community.

When did you know that you wanted to work in the tech space? When I was really young, we had a Windows 97 (I think) and I was using DOS to get around to the Duke Nukem game and such. I got into programming in college at Rutgers where it then proceeded to ensnare me and I dropped out to pursue it on a faster route.

Languages & Technologies <Ruby> <Python> <MySQL> <PostgreSQL> <RSpec> <Ruby on Rails> <JavaScript> <CSS3> <SQL> <Scala> <jQuery> <HTML5/CSS> <Photoshop> <Swift> <Heroku>