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Def Method Profile: Don Schrimsher

Profile Page: Don Schrimsher, senior software engineer 

Don Schrimsher Def Method

Senior Software Engineer

Hometown: Brandon, FL

Current Location: Brandon, FL


Don Schrimsher

Don practices software consulting in New York, Florida, and beyond - heading up projects to create solutions to diverse business problems. As an Agile (and specifically Extreme Programming) enthusiast, Don enjoys working with teams where ideas and feedback to improve processes and technical knowledge can be shared over a good cup of coffee. Pragmatic perfectionist and a passion for all things tech.

Languages & Technologies <Ruby> <PostgreSQL> <MySQL> <Rails> <Java> <jQuery> <AngularJS> <Redux> <React> <Python>

When did you know that you wanted to be a developer? I got the chance to see an Android application that a friend of mine was developing. It was intriguing to me that one person could create so much value with just their brain and a computer. Once I got the chance to play around with development, I was hooked. Ever since, I've continued to pursue learning and improving my craft as a developer.