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profile page: eric tillberg

Profile Page: Eric Tillberg, software engineer at Def Method

Eric Tillberg

Software Engineer

Current Location: New York, NY

Education: Bachelor of Arts, Oberlin College

Masters, International Relations, Yale University 

Eric Tillberg

As Software Engineer at Def Method, Eric spends most of his time with Ruby. He learned to program by working through the curriculum for the coding training program, Tealeaf Academy (now Launch School). Prior to his current professional pursuit, he worked in international relations, book publishing, as a musician, and as an au pair. While not programming, he enjoys board games (especially Go) and reading history.

Languages & Technologies <Ruby> <JavaScript> 

Sample Project List

  • NYC Government Project: Worked on the front end build in React and integrated an admin app to the front end, which involved making calls back and forth between an API and the front.