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Profile Page: Jackie Potts 

Jackie Potts

Apprentice Developer

Hometown: West Sayville, NY

Current Location: New York, NY

Education: Bachelors of Science & Bachelors of Music, University at Buffalo; Masters of Music, Columbus State University


Jacqueline Potts

After 15 years of playing the cello, Jackie sustained a tendon injury, causing her to lose the ability to play.  At this time, she found a creative outlet in software development. She was accepted into General Assembly's Web Development Immersive program and graduated in November of 2015. Right out of GA, she was hired as a backend engineer at a social media startup in New York City.  Her work focused heavily on API layer support for their mobile and web applications. She was an original member of the engineering team that was acquired in late 2016.  Outside of development, Jackie enjoys hiking with her dog Molly.

When did you know that you wanted to be an developer? "Having a background in music, I am very drawn to patterns and the idea of creating something out of nothing. Because of this, I have always had a curiosity about software development and its many parallels with music. When I left my career in music, I decided it was time to take that leap and try learning development full-time. I signed up for General Assembly's Web Development Immersive program in NYC and have been loving it ever since! I love the creativity and expressiveness that comes from development."

Languages & Technologies <Ruby> <Ruby on Rails> <Sinatra> <JavaScript> <Node.js> <Backbone.js> <Ember.js> <jQuery> <HTML> <CSS> <Go> <PostgreSQL> <Redis> <Elasticsearch> <Sidekiq>

Sample Project List

  • 2016 Voter Sentiment: A ruby application that ingests Twitter tweets and rates their sentiment value using a machine learning Naive Bayes classifier, giving users a real-time analysis of Twitter content regarding the 2016 Presidential candidates
  • Social Media Search Gem: Contributed to building this ruby search gem. This ruby gem is a search engine that allows for searching across multiple social media platforms including Twitter, Instagram, and Vine and returns real time authentic user content. The gem supports the searching of photo, video, and text based social media posts via hashtag, keyword, username, and popularity searches and allows anyone to plug in a social media search engine to their rails app!