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Profile Page: Jarrod Spillers

Profile Page: Jarrod Spillers, software engineer at Def Method


Software Engineer

Hometown: Palatka, Florida

Current Location: NY, NY

Jarrod Spillers


I have been working as a software developer professionally for over 15 years and really enjoy the craft and the continuous learning required to do it well. Lately I have become interested in strongly typed languages and the benefits they yield to the process of creating software. Outside of my professional career, I enjoy PC games, good food and wine, and visiting new places in the world.

When did you know that you wanted to be a developer? "When I got my first PC at about 10 years old I was instantly hooked and knew I would be doing something with this amazing new machine for the rest of my life."

Languages & Technologies: Ruby, Rails, Sinatra, Dry-rb, Crystal, Amber, Angular, React, JQuery, Unity3d, Javascript, C#, Python, NodeJS, HTML, Crystal, Java, Vaadin, PHP, and more