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Profile Page: Jeff Jia, senior software engineer 

Jeff Jia, Senior Software Developer at Def Method

Senior Software Engineer

Hometown: Ann Arbor, MI

Current Location: New York, NY

Education: Bachelor of Arts, Albion College in Philosophy and Computer Science


Jeff Jia

Jeff is a Senior Software Engineer with 10 years of software development experience. He has been a full stack software developer in a multitude of domains and technologies from cytometry to dog agility. He has been involved in software architecture, design, coaching, mentoring and development. He has a strong Test Driven Development and Object Oriented Design background, by which he approaches projects, with an emphasis on long term maintainability.

When did you know that you wanted to be a developer? "I think it was when I played the first Civilization game. It could have been earlier, video games were definitely the entry point, but Civ was one of the first that I can remember wanting to know how things worked under the hood. I also have a distinct memory of doing some "modding" to it, which was probably in truth changing some .ini files and uploading a crude picture from paint to make it so that you could build Start Destroyers in the game."

Languages & Technologies <Java> <Ruby> <C#> <JavaScript> <Objective-C> <MySQL> <PostgreSQL> <Python> <jQuery> <C> <React.js> <Angular.js> <.NET>

Sample Project List

  • International Media Company: Synced data on an administrative platform by transferring data from a .Net base to a Rails API through a translation layer 
  • Globally Focused Nonprofit: Prototyped and designing a new architecture for website and worked as a Lead Developer to implement the Rails/CMS application
  • Biotech Startup: Developed software to run a biological research instrument called a Flow Cytometer using Java as a desktop application, with a Swing frontend. Jeff was involved with the fullstack of this application, from plotting, to statistical calculation, down to the data storage, and device communication in the backend
  • Dog Agility Management: Built a data management tool and automated rules engine for a company that managed Dog Agility competitions using a C# application with a MySQL database and an ASP.MVC frontend