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profile page: joshua book

Profile Page: Josh Book, software engineer at Def Method

Josh Book, software developer at Def Method

Software Engineer

Hometown: New York, NY

Current Location: New York, NY

Education: BA, Cinematography, NYU

Web Development Immersive, General Assembly

Joshua Book

Joshua is a Software Engineer focusing on the core technologies of Javascript and Ruby, specifically ReactJS, Redux and Ruby on Rails. When it comes to working environments, Joshua is passionate about code-craftsmanship, fast and continuous feedback and integration, and knowledge transference among teams.  Joshua originally grew up in NY, lived for several years on the west coast and has been working in web development since mid-2013.   Joshua loves to read, wonder in nature, travel, and explore new ventures : )

When did you know that you wanted to be a developer? "I transitioned from being a filmmaker. And for me, video games were a bridge. But I think I really knew I wanted to do something in tech when as I was searching hard in life for some solid direction I realized I wanted to make "tools" for people that would empower them. Then actually reading Steve Jobs bio had a big impact on me, that those tools could actually come from private companies that create products that are not only successful and profitable but life changing, empowering, and powerful."

Languages & Technologies <Ruby> <Python> <React> <Redux> <Node> <PostgreSQL> <RSpec> <Ruby on Rails> <JavaScript> <CSS3> <SQL> <HAML> <jQuery> <Angular.js> <Backbone.js> <Heroku> <Objective-C> <MongoDB> <Redis> <HTML5/CSS> <Swift>

Sample Project List

  • Video Sharing Startup - built a full native iOS application dealing with video capture and sharing
  • Mattress Delivery Startup - implemented a backend piece of middleware that interacted with bookkeeping and accounting software with better streamline processes
  • Government Project - integrated a complex user interface and design with React and Sass
  • Real Estate Startup- Build shopping cart and credit card payment functionality