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Profile Page: merziyah poonawala

Profile Page: Merziyah Poonawala, project manager 

Jeff Jia, Senior Software Developer at Def Method

Project Manager

Hometown: Houston, TX

Current Location: Plainsboro, NJ

Education: MBA - Management and Global Business, Rutgers University; BA - Computer Science, Rice University


Merziyah Poonawala

Merziyah's professional experiences ranges from Software Development to Implementation and Project Management. She most enjoys being the liaison between clients and developers, understanding needs and making sure the priorities are conveyed to the development team. In her spare time she enjoys being outdoors - hiking/biking or training for the DC Cherry Blossom 10mi run. 

When did you know that you wanted to work in tech? "I have always been interested in computers starting back in the day helping install Lotus Suits by feeding in 30 3.5" hard disks. Today it's the combination of practical logic against human psychology especially in modern applications that fascinates me."

Sample Project List

  • Process Implementation: Implementation of Laboratory Information System; understanding client needs to ensure all processes and procedures were addressed when the product went live.
  • Offshore Development: Coordinating with offshore engineers to deliver a iOS and Android application in the healthcare space

  • Scoping Projects: Scoping and creating roadmaps for projects in the Colocation, Social Network, Healthcare, and Developer Tools space