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Profile page: paul Ort

Profile Page: Paul Ort, software engineer at Def Method

Paul Ort, Senior Software Developer at Def Method

Senior Product Engineer

Current Location: New York, NY

Education: B.A. Computer Science, Thomas Edison State College

Paul Ort

Paul is an engineer, musician, and bibliophile.  He is well-versed in web and mobile development and is committed to software craftsmanship and professionalism with a determination to build technical excellence and business value. Currently, he is working primarily with Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, React, PostgreSQL, Python, Django, Objective-C, Swift, and related technologies.

When did you know that you wanted to be a developer? "I was first introduced to programming twenty years ago at the age of 7 with QBASIC on a DOS laptop, typing and modifying short programs published in Boys’ Quest Magazine (

Software’s promise of creating something purely from one’s imagination was thrilling. It still is. The excitement of transforming empty text files into functioning systems has been unparalleled for me."

Languages & Technologies <Ruby> <Python> <Java> <PostgreSQL> <RSpec> <Ruby on Rails> <JavaScript> <Objective-C> <C> <C#> <jQuery> <Backbone.js> <Heroku> <Swift> <React.js>

Sample Project List

  • Case Management System for Human Services: Lead a team to meet SOW feature requirements and refactored Javascript to pay down technical debt and allow faster new feature delivery

  • Mobile Wallet Software: Developed mobile payment processing tools, administrative portals, custom analytics processes, and APIs for web and mobile application

  • Educational Nonprofit: Built enterprise information systems for document management/delivery and text analysis tools