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There's a million things we can do, just you wait.

Services: Def Method offers staff augmentation, MVP development, and advanced development solutions.  


When it comes to software we're full of solutions 

We've worked with every kind of engineering team, and we know what companies large and small are doing right now to tackle technical issues and cash in on business opportunities. Our Partnership Director will meet with you one-on-one, learn your business model, understand your technical investment, and analyze how well they are aligned. Do you have a great business idea but you're not sure how to get started? Have you achieved success and now you want to take your business to the next level? We can help you hit the ground running and put you on the path to success.


Ways We Can Help

NYC based development consultancy


Break new ground and get your business idea to market with ultra-experienced on-site or remote engineering resources.        


Add high-quality development expertise to your project and high-level technical consulting for your business.


We can step in and get your new project up and running, or maximize the potential of the technical investment you've already made.


Get the most from software development practices like Agile, SCRUM and XP with proven best practices and metrics.

NYC based software development hires



We don't shy away from legacy code or less-than-ideal development practices. We've seen it all. And, no matter what state your project may be in, we have the knowledge and resources to get it back on track.

LANGUAGES: <Ruby> <Python>  <Swift> <Objective C> <Scala> <C>  <.NET> <C#> <F#> <Go> <Java> <JavaScript> <HTML5> <CSS> <C++> <Elixir>  

FRAMEWORKS & LIBRARIES: <Angular> <Rails> <Sinatra> <Django> <Phoenix> <RSpec> <Backbone> <Node> <jQuery> <Knockout> <React & React Native> 



We're out there in businesses big and small every day. We've got the know-how to put the right technical resources in place and build your tech stack.

INFRASTRUCTURE & DATA: <Heroku> <DigitalOcean> <AWS> <Docker> <Rackspace> <Linode> <Cloud66> <Redis> <Mixpanel> <Flurry> <Keen IO> <Engine Yard> <Oracle> <MySQL> <SQL> <PostgreSQL> 

MONITORING & METRICS: <Honeybadger> <Century> <Airbrake> <Pingdom> <Papertrail> <Loader> <Code Climate> <Circle CI> <Semaphore CI> <Codeship> <PagerDuty> <Rollbar> <Skylight> <New Relic> 



Many companies implement software practices like SCRUM, Agile, or XP. These are great buzzwords, but how well does your team execute best practices to achieve results? We'll use metrics like code quality and velocity to help you achieve measurable technical success.

PROCESSES: <Lean Methodologies> <Agile Methodologies> <User Testing> <Prototyping> <Iterative Development> <Extreme Programming> <Test Driven Development> 



Def Method Values

1. We always work in full transparency 

We always strive to be a trusted partner on every project we're on.  As such, if you are not pleased with our work you can also stop development.  We don't sell you packages, we just charge you for what we have built based on hourly billing.  On top of this, we keep a record of everything we are executing on so you can track progress continuously.  

2. We always test-drive product 

Our goal is to make a product that works long after we have rolled off of a project.  We always write tests first and focus on solid and stable build of our code.  This both prevents regressions and informs better design as we build your product. 

3. We always employ Continuous integration and deployment in a staging environment 

This ensures that you are always in control of how the project is progressing.  As partners on the product, staging environments allows us to prove our new code and discover any unforeseen bugs before pushing any new code to your customer facing product.  Our goal is to make releasing to production a business decision.  

4. We partner with our clients to build the best product possible

We see each new project as a new partnership.  We are committed to doing quality work, but we are also committed to working well with your teams.   We embed ourselves into your culture and become a part of your team.  


Development Overseas


Providing the services you need

We offer on-site and remote engineering resources to suit every budget and business need. Whether you're just getting started with a small budget or you need senior developers on site to break new ground, we're here for you.