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Def Method will hire engineers who are smart, get things done, and are compatible with your team. We believe a successful hire should be a win-win both for you and for the candidate.  Our well-designed process will determine that as efficiently as possible. We've been hiring engineers since Def Method was founded six years ago, grounded in the experience of our leadership team's decade-plus software development and consulting experience.

The Process

To assess how the candidate solves a technical problem, and their testing and design skills.
A conversation to better understand the candidate’s experience, thinking, and cultural fit.
3. Pairing Interview
To test technical skills and to evaluate communication, listening, and collaboration skills.

Stage 1

Code Test

The code test evaluates how the candidate approaches a technical problem, how well they read and follow instruction, and what level of testing and design skills they have.

Engineers who ace our code test show the ability to write advanced code, implement common design patterns, and test for error cases.

Stage 2

Technical Interview

The technical interview is a chance to get a better understanding of the candidate's thinking style, ability to work with others, problem solving and communication skills, and cultural fit.

Stage 3

Pairing Interview

The pairing interviews give us a sense of the candidate’s "kindergarten skills." For instance, listening, communication, and personability. What are they like to work with? How well do they share? Do they learn from others? Do they learn from mistakes?
How we built the process

Def Method’s interview process is strategically designed  by and conducted by our expert engineers. The process we use to hire engineers for you is the same process we used to hire our own engineers. We built our interview process from our own experience, and the writings of Joel Spolsky of Stack Overflow, Smart and Gets Things Done and Richard Sheridan of Menlo Innovations and Joy, Inc.

We've helped hire at

Position: Head of Product
Interviewed: 2
Hired: 1

Position: Head of Engineering
Interviewed: 5
Hired: 1

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