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The Product Journey

From initial product conception to after launch, we're here to help.

Stage 1:
Discovery Process

The Def Method Discovery Process is an amalgamation of a Design Sprint, as described by Jake Knapp from Google Ventures in the book Sprint, and an agile product inception, as described by Martin Fowler in his Lead Inception article. During this workshop, the team will focus on:
- Project goals and key risks
- Assumptions
- Storyboarding and solution mapping
- Feature prioritization
- Creative problem solving

The goal of the Discovery Process is to deliver the information your company needs to make immediate progress on the most important features of the platform. You will walk away from this workshop with a team that is firmly aligned and a product plan that is clear and tested.

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Stage 2:
MVP Development

The ultimate goal of the Product Discovery process is to achieve successful application development and delivery. Using the deliverables from the Discovery Workshop, Def Method will begin the development process following the Product Discovery.

- Offshore resources available
- Product Management
- Product Strategy
- User Testing

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Stage 3:

As is a natural course for many websites, startups will typically temporarily move from active development of new features on its website to ongoing maintenance after the launch of the MVP. With maintenance, you can rest assured that your application will stay up and running with an engineer keeping your codebase up-to-date and smaller features built. During maintenance mode you will get the following:
- Implementation of small user features
- Update and maintenance of 3rd party dependencies
- Resolution of bugs
- Monitoring for exceptions, unusual traffic patterns, performance degradation, or increased memory usage
- Infrastructural and architectural maintenance (AWS, Heroku, etc...)

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