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I was born in Brooklyn and raised in the bronx / yonkers. I went to college at SUNY Oswego, which is right next to lake Ontario and is directly across from Canada. I have experience in Java, Spring Boot, C++, python, Angular, React, ExtJS, Oracle Databases, Cassandra Databases and Elastic Search. I love to work out, play video games, go to comedy shows and always down to eat good foods from anywhere.


Financial Statement Application at a Bank

This team was an internal application at a banking firm that involved the ability to perform CRUD operations on financial statements for any client that bank was interested in or any client around the globe that released public fanacial data. The application involved many complex layers of design but to simplify it as much as possible, we had a data consumption layer that handled pulling in fresh public financial data from several different sources of financial data (bloomberg and S&P for example) and also keeping that data as up to date as possible on our end. The next layer was our web and UI applications that involved displaying the financial data that is pulled in the first layer. It is in this layer that we allow users to not only see the data we pulled, but also edit that data with their own corrections. Users could also create entirely new financial statements or remove entire financial statements for clients if they wished (private business' for example). The next and final layer after that was our distribution layer, which dealt specifically with distributing the financial data we kept in our system to anyone who wants it and in "nearly" any format they wish.

AWS at a Bank

A small subproject I worked on at the banking institution mentioned in project 1 was the ability to store large amounts of data within the AWS s3 data store, and then also be able to fetch any part of that data from S3 as fast as possible. This was a requirement for being able to quickly and efficiently send large amounts of financial data to anyone in the bank. This subproject required me to properly set up the AWS framework within our existing spring boot web application, apply proper key management for the AWS S3 connection (key fetching, saving, expirary etc) and then store / fetch any of the fully computed financial data in our system as JSON in S3. I used Elastic search as our indexing tool to keep track of what data existed in S3, what data was outdated and what data needed to either be removed / updated based on operation users have taken in our system (such as changing the nubmers on a statement or removing a statement entirely). 

Connect with Akeem

Bronx, NY (hometown)

Queen, NY (current city)

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science, SUNY Oswego

Java 8/11, Spring Boot, Kafka, AWS, Cassandra, Oracle, Elastic Search, Ext JS, Angular, React, Python, TypeScript

Akeem Davis

Software Engineer

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