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Alex is a Senior Product Manager at Def Method. Born in the former USSR, Alex emigrated to the US with his family as a refugee in 1991. Over the years, Alex has worked in Information Technology Security and Insurance fields. In his previous role, Alex was one of the first Product Managers at Travelers, a Dow 30 company. In that role, Alex was at the forefront of evolution from projects to products, contributing to the change across Technology, Enterprise Innovation and Business Insurance areas of the company. From working with customers, to partnering with engineers and designers, to pushing stakeholders to look at problems in the new light, Alex enjoys all aspects of product management. Outside of work, Alex enjoys photography, travel, and blogging. Additionally, together with his 8 year old daughter, they have built quite a TikTok following mastering the art of dad jokes and lip-synch.


Developed a Self-Service Infrastructure Provisioning App Aimed at Developers and Software Engineers

Worked with a cross-functional team to design and build a web application for self-service infrastructure provisioning. The legacy process took days and weeks for a developer or an architect to request and receive a server or a database. The newly built application was based on numerous interviews with users and stakeholders, and incorporating that feedback, the application was designed in a way to give a user ability to specify the specs of what was needed, the volume, the access type, and receive a configured piece of infrastructure (a Windows or Linux server, a database, or a Cloud Foundry org) within minutes or hours. The application continued to evolve based on user feedback and is in use to-date.

Ran an Effective Product Definition to Highlight to Stakeholders the Most Pressing Problem That Needs Attention

A group of senior stakeholders approached with an idea in mind, to build a portal for their external customers. Over the course of 8 weeks led the team through a thorough discovery:  interviewing external users, conducting interviews and ethnographic research with internal employees, speaking with stakeholders and doing market research.  At the conclusion of the discovery, the team met with the stakeholders to review our findings. In those we showed clear evidence that while an external portal would be nice to have for their customers, that wasn’t a major pain point. The team identified a much more pressing problem that needed to be addressed (internal legacy systems). Upon listening to the team and reviewing the insights gathered from the research conducted,  the stakeholders agreed to proceed with our recommendations. With that in mind, the team moved forward in defining a new platform for the internal users, the MVP of which launched in November 2019.   

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Rocky Hill, CT (hometown)

Fairfield, CT (current city)

Bachelor of Business Administration, American International College

Technologies: Google Suite, Microsoft Suite, Pivotal Tracker, Mural, JIRA, Trello, Rally, Zoom. 

Backlog Prioritization

Product Strategy & Roadmapping

Stakeholder Management 

Agile Methodologies

User Story Creation

Market Research

Cross Department / Cross Team Communication

Lean Product Development

User Research

Alex Mnatsakanov

Senior Product Manager