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Chaia is a Product Manager bringing 8 years of experience working in CPG and consumer goods in retail and e-commerce. In her career, Chaia has successfully launched over 40 products with ratings over 4.5 on e-commerce sites. Chaia jumped straight into Brand and Product Management after completing an MBA with a Global Marketing focus from City University of Seattle. Her analytical skills help products provide sufficient value to both the business and their customers.

What drives Chaia most is her passion for understanding human problems and building user-centric solutions. As a natural problem solver, she is able to understand the complexities and roots of a problem to generate impactful solutions. Her innate ability to communicate with all key stakeholders ensures goals are clear and the vision is aligned with business objectives.

Chaia’s PM superpowers are discovery and product strategy. Her ability to empathize deeply with users influences her ability to identify business opportunities and build thoughtful product strategies. As a natural problem solver, she is able to understand the complexities and roots of a problem which tees up her ability to generate impactful solutions. She is keen to uncover desired software behavior and work closely with stakeholders and engineers to drive execution. From validation and testing to tightening user feedback loops to leading the go-to-market strategy, she has led teams throughout the entire product lifecycle.

Outside of work, Chaia is a big foodie and enjoys spending time outdoors cycling, kayaking, and hiking. She also enjoys traveling around the world and has been to 27 countries in 4 continents.


Product Strategy at Amazon Aggregator

Prior to joining Def Method, Chaia helped shape new product launches for Thrasio, the leading Amazon aggregator that acquired over 200 brands within 3 years. Chaia was able to develop  an innovative framework from the ground up for the Product Strategy Department to efficiently form vetted product families across all brands in multiple categories at the same time. With several products in the pipeline at the same time, Chaia was able to develop a long term roadmap and continuously groomed backlogs to focus on the products with the highest value. Throughout the process, Chaia ensured there was constant communication with key stakeholders and management to maintain objectives, goals, and progress throughout the entire development cycle. Within 6 months, Chaia identified, vetted and shaped requirements for over 40 products across multiple brands.

Taking a product from 0 to Launch with Walmart

In preparation for the Walmart line review, Chaia researched sales history on products that hit the retailer's “healthy living” emphasis for the year. After extensive data analysis, a melon baller was identified as a top opportunity with high margin. Once identified, Chaia conducted user research to uncover user problems and the most desired features. After writing a Product Requirements Document with information including the value proposition, opportunity size with sales forecasts, key features, and competitor information, she worked side by side with the product developer through the entire development process to ship the product.

Chaia provided full transparency for the development team and business stakeholders, breaking down how each feature request had been analyzed and prioritized. This created an honest and productive relationship with the cross functional team and led to a successful product launch. Walmart sold this product in stores across the United States, and the product has received a high consumer rating of 4.6 stars.

Key Strengths

  • Product strategy to align business and product goals

  • Emphasizes data with a critical analysis to use metrics and user research to find what consumers want and need— using metrics and user interviews to dig deep into a problem and identify solutions.

  • Cross functional leadership working with all team members as partners- taking time to discuss and listen to all perspectives

  • Simplifying complex problems, translating technical speech to stakeholders, and communicating product vision to the entire organization.

Connect with Chaia

Redmond, WA

Seattle, WA

MBA, Global Marketing
City University of Seattle

BA, Intercultural Communication
Linfield College

  • Tools: Airtable, Trello, Miro, Invision

  • Data Analysis: Tableau, Power BI, Survey Monkey, SPINs

  • Product Management: 

  • Product Strategy

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Data Analysis

  • User Research

  • Backlog prioritization

  • User story mapping

  • Roadmapping

  • Meeting facilitation

  • Cross Functional leadership across teams

  • Flexibility and adaptability

Chaia Schupack

Product Manager

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