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Christine is a Software Engineer with experience in data analytics, marketing, and consulting. As a graduate of Flatiron School and Carnegie Mellon, she has 3 years of experience in designing websites, consulting, and analyzing data. When not working with the latest and greatest technologies, she enjoys game nights with friends, looking for new investment opportunities, and relaxing with a podcast or magazine.


Legal-Tech Company

  • Developed a tool to help law firms visualize the potential long-term impact of a merger or acquisition.

Legal-Tech Startup

  • Built a proof-of-concept project for providing accused persons and defense attorneys transparency into the legal system using data visualization.

Sports Technology Company

  • Built out a new and improved site for sports team managers to manage their players, games, and scores directly through the browser, which were features previously only available through their mobile apps.

Connect with Christine

New York, NY (hometown)

New York, NY (current city)

BA, Carnegie Mellon University, and Flatiron School

Javascript, Typescript, React, Node, Python, Flask, Ruby, SQL, PostgreSQL, Rails, HTML, CSS, Docker, Heroku

Christine Xiang

Software Engineer

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