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David is a Product Manager at Def Method. His career as a team leader and zest for storytelling date back to his time working as a producer in film/tv and advertising. But his entrepreneurial spirit and inborn knack for problem solving are what led him to his calling in product back in 2017 when he turned an idea into a startup. As an avid user evangelist, he’s passionate about building human-centered products and crafting meaningful experiences through his work. In his personal time, he can be found goofing around with his twin nieces, making music, or having heady conversations about philosophy and innovation.


Revamping an audio-based social app

Initially joining as a consultant, David conducted a detailed product analysis that included a UX walkthrough, market research, user interviews, and data analysis. The detailed summary of his findings and proposed solutions inspired the founder to bring him on full-time to lead the product in a new direction. He collaborated with the team to redesign the UX to enhance usability, expand use cases that would drive DAU, and created an environment for more impressionable ad placement. He detailed the vision into a problem-focused roadmap, enhanced their dashboard with updated KPI, and validated a content strategy unique to their market that opened up a new revenue stream.

Building a consumer/B2C product from the ground up

David’s entry into product was a result of his entrepreneurial pursuits. He turned a bar napkin idea into a startup: going from prototype to investment, to building a team, to roadmapping his vision and launching an MVP. Another social product, he synthesized field testing, user interviews, UX research, and analytics into each iteration; quickly discovering his passion for human-centered design as well as the importance of validating assumptions and adapting to new information. While rotating hats as a founder, he also covered UI design, sprint planning, business modeling, outside sales, and strategic growth.

Connect with David

Bristol, CT (hometown)

New York, NY (current city)

BA, Communication, CCSU, Cert, Digital Product Management, UVA Darden

Jira, TeamGantt, Google Suite, Notion, Miro, Sketch, Figma, Zeplin, Balsamiq, Team Development, Wireframing & Prototyping, UI/UX Design, Design Thinking, Competitive analysis, Product strategy, Product roadmapping, Agile methodologies

David Kendall

Senior Product Manager

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