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Dor is a software engineer primarily coming from a full-stack web development background. Over the years they've gotten the opportunity to work on projects in a myriad of languages such as Javascript, Python, and Ruby, using several frameworks like React, Vue, Express, Rails, and Flask. They've also worked with Dart/Flutter, DevOps tools, and AWS in the process. Outside of programming they're passionate about soccer, Brazilian jui jitsu, trading card games, cognitive science, and spoken languages. They speak Hebrew and Spanish fluently, as well as Portuguese and Levantine Arabic moderately well, and are in the process of learning others.


Ask me about:

Front-end Web Development, React, Python, VueJS, Flutter, NodeJS, Discord Bots, Heroku, OAuth, Functional Programming, Atomic Design (FE code layout)

When did you know that you wanted to work in tech?

I was drawn into the world of computers by how intrigued I was with hardware at a young age. Eventually I began to be involved with software as it required less resources, and grew to enjoy the automation and power computing provides.

Photography Class Facilitation Tool

A photography class facilitation tool that provided social network features for the students and teachers to be able to interact with each other. There were several user roles with different permission sets, as well as a public facing side. The app was written in Rails and React. A big challenge was getting high resolution images to load on low-latency NYC public school networks. We also maintained and further expanded the app for a semester, so challenges of production apps were present as well.

Virtual Personalized Drug Rehab Program

A web app to help facilitate a completely virtual rehab curriculum, that was made to be highly personalized in hopes of extending help to those who can't afford actual rehab, yet in a way that would still be effective. Written in React and Rails.

Experimental Bot Rewards Program

A content creator rewards program for a big gaming company using Slack & Discord bots. Would scrape twitch and youtube data periodically and conditionally send messages accordingly. Made with NodeJS and the respective APIs.

Retirement Planning Tool

An online questionairre built using conditional logic, where questions were shown based off of answers to previous questions. The tool was supposed to incentivize you into utilizing the given client's services, as well as inform you of financial factors you should be taking into account for retirement. Several graphs were displayed at the end based off of your results, which were created using ChartJS. The project was written in React.

Mindfulness Mobile App

A mobile app written in Flutter which compiled to both iOS and Android variants. The app displayed articles, videos, and in-app excercises tailored specifically for the given user based off of ML endpoints the app interacted with. It utilized an AWS backend and had a complex CI/CD pipeline.

Connect with Dor

Brooklyn, NY

Brooklyn, NY

B.A. in Computer Science and a minor in Cognitive Science; State University of New York at Oswego

React, Vue, Flutter, Node, Rails, Flask, Express, Discord Bots, Heroku, AWS, Firebase, CSS/HTML, Docker, Posgres/MySQL, CircleCI, Cypress, Netlify

Dor Rondel

Software Engineer

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