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Jeff is a Principal Engineer with 15 years of software development experience. He is a full-stack software developer in a multitude of domains and technologies. He has experience in software architecture, design, coaching, mentoring and development. He has a strong Test-Driven Development and Object Oriented Design background and approaches projects with an emphasis on long-term maintainability. When he's not working, he enjoys playing video games and reading comics. He recently picked up the hobby of assembling and painting plastic miniatures.


International Media Company

  • Synced data on an administrative platform by transferring data from a .Net base to a Rails API through a translation layer.

Globally-Focused Nonprofit

  • Prototyped and designing a new architecture for website and worked as a Lead Developer to implement the Rails/CMS application

Biotech Startup

  • Developed software to run a biological research instrument called a Flow Cytometer using Java as a desktop application, with a Swing frontend. Jeff was involved with the full-stack development of this application, from plotting, to statistical calculation, down to the data storage, and device communication in the backend

Dog Agility Management

  • Built a data management tool and automated rules engine for a company that managed Dog Agility competitions using a C# application with a MySQL database and an ASP.MVC frontend.

Enterprise FinTech

  • Worked on front-end development, collaborated with traders to develop a usable interface for dealing with large amounts of financial data.

Sports Statistics

  • Overhauled and modernized legacy systems to create a more maintainable product, and created green fields architecture to marry various data structures and information into structures consumable by a mobile app.

Government Agency

  • Developed a micro-service driven flood insurance information website and calculator, translated a government-issued insurance calculation table, and integrated with existing municipal and federal data to provide estimates for flood insurance rates

Connect with Jeff

Ann Arbor, MI (hometown)

New York, NY (current city)

Bachelor of Arts, Albion College in Computer Science and Philosophy

Java, Ruby, C#, JavaScript, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Python, jQuery, React.js, Angular.js, .NET

Jeff Jia

Principal Engineer

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