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Katie is an experienced product leader with a passion for using data, analytics and empathy to connect with customers. When she was young, this blend of analytical and creative thinking was reflected in her love of playing the piano (creating melodies from musical structures on paper), studying the overlap between Art and Physics (think Dali’s melting clocks and Einstein’s Theory of Relativity), and writing poetry about the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle (isn't it poetic that our bodies are comprised of electrons in uncertain locations?). Now, as an adult, she pursues this passion by merging storytelling and technology to execute products, flexing her creative and analytical muscles as needed to be the hub between different types of talents, working together to ultimately drive customer satisfaction.


Digital Campaign Management

Katie joined a team working on a new digital campaign management platform, which had a wide user base, competing goals and priorities across different stakeholders, and a tight timeline until launch. When Katie joined, the team was trying to make too many people happy at once, and in the process making no one happy (especially themselves!). With the launch date already set, Katie worked expeditiously with cross functional teams to cut through the noise to understand and create alignment around the key problems for which the product was trying to solve. With a more focused set of goals in mind for the near term, and a clear vision for the long term, Katie was able to work with her team of engineers and designers to prioritize needs and features and launch the platform on time. As a result, the productivity of media traders - the prioritized users - increased by 60%. This win propelled the team to proudly move forward on future priorities and features.


Katie led a strategic initiative to onboard a new online learning tool for students looking to launch new careers in technology. The existing online tool would not be able to successfully handle the amount of growth projected in the next year. Katie used the “jobs to be done” framework to deeply understand the needs of a diverse set of students and stakeholders in order to evaluate new systems. Instead of blindly incorporating old features into the new learning management system, this framework provided a fresh perspective on how we were addressing pain points by focusing on the job that the old feature was doing, rather than the feature itself. This created space for the cross functional team to quickly prioritize needs rather than features, in order to imagine a completely new student experience.


When working with a pre-college test prep company, Katie led an operational initiative to lower the costs of students taking free proctored SAT and ACT practice tests at testing centers, while reducing the amount of time to provide students with their practice test results and feedback. The existing process relied on proctors collecting test grids, sending them to the company’s home office where another team scanned the tests and emailed the results to students and parents. This took too long and was too resource intensive. Further, the longer the student had to wait for results (sometimes up to 10 days with this existing process!), the less likely they were to purchase a test prep program. In order to solve this problem, Katie worked with a team of engineers and subject matter experts to design a webgrid - a mobile responsive web application for students to enter their test answers into in order to get immediate results. The results were impressive: a significant reduction in operational costs by 30% while simultaneously creating a better student experience and business results.

Connect with Katie

Austin, TX (hometown)

Brooklyn, NY (current city)

Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Mathematics, Vassar College; MBA from Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado, Boulder

Product management software: Jira, Trello

UX software: Balsamiq

Languages: SQL, R, Python

Stakeholder management

User research

Product strategy

Agile methodologies

Product roadmapping

Katie Cladis

Senior Product Manager

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