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Katrina is a software engineer experienced in developing scalable, full stack JavaScript applications using React/Redux/Node/Express and NoSQL/SQL databases. She is passionate about contributing to Open Source projects and is always eager to learn something new. Outside of work, she has too many hobbies. These include: painting, reading, music, nature, playing with her dog, bothering her cat, and spending time crouched in the dirt, coaxing her chickens to hop on her arm.


ReacType - React/Next.js/Gastby/js prototyping tool

A rapid prototyping tool built with a TypeScript, React, and Electron on the front end and Node/Express on the back end. It allows users visualize their application architecture dynamically, employing a drag-and-drop canvas display and an interactive, real-time component code preview. Boilerplate code for React / Next.js / Gatsby.js apps can then be exported in TypeScript.

Frollic - accessible venue locator

An web application that facilitates accessible outing planning. Adherence to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) guided the design process as the front end was built out using React and Redux. Express and Node were used to efficiently handle HTTP requests to myriad endpoints and produce a scalable, readable, and maintainable backend.

Connect with Katrina

Ames, Iowa

Hermosa Beach, CA

B.S. Environmental Science and Resource Management, University of Washington

Completed an immersive software engineering program. (Codesmith)

JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Redux, Node.js, Express, HTML/CSS, postgreSQL, MongoDB

Katrina Henderson

Junior Software Engineer

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