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Kriss is a senior product designer at Def Method. She brings 12 years experience delivering comprehensive digital products across a range of industries; entertainment, education and finance to name a few. Her specialty is simple, clean and precise design with a focus on usability. Her skills include a unique mix of UX and UI proficiencies. She understands the importance of practicing user empathy and that the delicate balance of user needs and business goals is essential to building great products.


Ticketmaster One

Kriss was the lead mobile designer for Ticketmaster One, a suite of B2B products giving clients the ability to manage events, create and execute effective marketing, and view sales and attendance reporting on one platform. She worked across multiple departments within the organization to build products and foster a strong design culture among teams.


Kriss was the lead product designer for NextPro, a unique service connecting coaches, athletes and sports teams for recruiting and athlete development purposes. She worked with stakeholders to solve for user needs and develop a new design system taking the product to launch. The NextPro product dominated the 15B a year youth sports market and produced over 50K games per year.

Dade City, FL

Joshua Tree, CA

Ringling College of Art and Design – Sarasota, FL, BFA

Kriss Knapp

Senior Product Designer

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