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Michael is a Senior Software Engineer with 12 years of experience in Full-Stack and native application development across all phases of the product life cycle. He has owned every part of the software development lifecycle and has designed and implemented the entire IT infrastructure for a growing company. Michael's experience includes building networks and servers, supporting end users, gathering requirements, designing, building, and deploying complete applications; implementing ERP systems; and plenty of troubleshooting. Michael loves Linux and Linux System Administration, as well as teaching and learning!


Campaign Finance Technology

  • Performed data maintenance for a campaign fundraising platform.

Fashion E-commerce

  • Implemented product search for a children's fashion brand, while improving overall site performance by several times.

Delivery E-commerce

  • Developed tooling and services to enable ultra-fast product delivery from a variety of retail locations.


  • Developed user interface for a derivatives trading platform.

Sports Team Management

  • Built out a front-end web application for managing youth sports teams.

Connect with Michael

Palmer, NE (hometown)

Queens, NY (current city)

University of Nebraska

TypeScript, JavaScript, React, Redux, RxJS, Testing Library, Python, Django, Flask, C#, .NET, Node, HTML/CSS, Nginx, SQL, Linux, Kubernetes, Docker, Ruby, Rails

Michael Deertz

Senior Software Engineer

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