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Mitch is a software engineer coming from work on Federal DevSecOps projects, looking to make a mark on projects that serve the public good. He has experience with DevOps tools including Jenkins, Chef, Maven, and Fortify, and programs in C++, Java and Python. Outside of work, Mitch bakes a lot of pies and tarts and plays Judo.


Federal Government Agency

Developed pipeline infrastructure for Agile projects, accelerating continuous integration, pioneering automatic deployments, and integrating tools such as Fortify, Liquibase, and Selenium.

Health Information Company

Made tools for big data in AWS Glacier and integrating marketing analytics for use by agile and business teams.

Ask me about:

TDD, DevOps, BDD, Agile engineering

When did you know that you wanted to work in tech?

My parents say it was a given ever since at two years old, I climbed the chair to the family computer like a ladder and managed to boot up game software without losing my binkey.

Connect with Mitch

Alexandria, VA

Arlington, VA

Bachelors in Physics and Computer Science, University of Virginia

Jenkins, AWS, C++, Fortify, Selenium, Liquibase, Nexus, Python, Groovy

Mitch Hardee

Junior Software Engineer

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