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Rob is a software engineer born and raised in Yakima, WA. While Developing as a hobbyist for most of his life, he decided to take the leap and underwent a career change. Graduating from a coding Bootcamp and continues to learn daily. Recently most of his work has been with Typescript, React, and multiple back-end languages. When not coding, he will often be found cooking or playing paintball with his friends.


Ecommerce apparel full stack web application, front end and back end deployment

As a contractor developer, I helped build a full-stack web application for an e-commerce site. It had a React front end with a node.JS back end. I was the one that drew up the database Schema and wrote the API. I also am the maintainer of the API documentation.

Server-side blog website modernization

Refactored and added onto the server-side coding of a blog post website. Containerize most of the services in docker and orchestrate them with Kubernetes. The microservice architecture ensured that one service would stay functional. It also modernized a lot of the code using quite dated dependencies.

Ask me about

Back End API development, TDD, React Framework, Agile Development

When did you know that you wanted to work in tech? 

I became fascinated with programming when I was young and developed a chat relay service for me and my friends to use. All the sudden what I built felt very real to me when other people started to use it, and I was having people ask me with help of building one of their own.

Connect with Rob

Yakima, WA

Yakima, WA

Bootcamp graduate from Team Treehouse. Associate of the arts, math. Yakima Valley Community College

Node.JS, Java, Ruby, React, PostgreSQL, Sequelize ORM, MongoDB, Mongoose, Heroku, GCP,  Docker, Kubernetes

Rob Bridges

Junior Software Engineer

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