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Steve is an experienced software engineer with over a decade of professional experience in full-stack development. He takes an approach to thoroughly understand the business side of a product before diving into development. In his spare time, Steve enjoys hiking, cooking, working on digital art and music creation, reading, and game development.



  • Developed an iOS application in Swift with Rails API and a React administrative interface from scratch.

Media & Technology

  • Upgraded a significantly outdated Rails application to a more modern state and set up the application deployment on a new infrastructure.

Social Media

  • Built out features for an iOS application using Swift; focused on onboarding, image sharing, and topic subscription flows.

Government Agency

  • Developed features for and supported a campaign-finance web application, working with Rails and PostgreSQL.

Connect with Stephen

Yonkers, NY (hometown)

White Plains, NY (current city)

Bachelor of Science, IT Management and Finance, State University of New York At Albany

Java, Javascript, iOS, Swift, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Ruby, Rails, Kotlin, Python

Stephen Petrina

Senior Software Engineer

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