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Steve is a software craftsman, engineering manager, and team lead with more than 20 years of experience in full-stack software development, architecture, agile coaching, and team building. Steve has lived in both New York and Boston and currently lives with his wife, son, and cats in Madison, Wisconsin. He enjoys playing classical guitar, reading, playing video games, and eating Thai food.


Drug Discovery

  • Led a team in building a Laboratory Informatics Management System (LIMS) for a high-throughput biological screening facility from the ground up. System used 24/7 by more than 100 biologists, chemists, and automation engineers and handled workflow and data capture for testing 2+ million compounds per month.


  • Led a team in building a system to improve employee engagement and reduce turn-over at skilled nursing centers and long-term care facilities.


  • Led a team in building a kiosk application that allows people to create and purchase customized jackets.

Open Source Project

  • Developed JustNotSorry, an open source Chrome extension for Gmail that helps people be more aware of the language they use in their emails.

Open Source Project

  • Developed ElectionVR, an open source data visualization of U.S. presidential election data in virtual reality.

Connect with Steve

Boston, MA (hometown)

Madison, WI (current city)

BA, Physics, Wesleyan University

JavaScript, TypeScript, React.js, AFrame, Node.js, Express.js, Ruby, Rails, PHP, Laravel, Java, Spring, Hibernate, Groovy, Grails, C++, HTML, CSS, SASS, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Docker, Rancher, AWS

Steve Brudz

Senior Software Engineer

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