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Walid is a software engineer who first began programming at 13, and fell in love with it for the endless potential for utility. In his work, he aims to maintain a practical approach to problem solving in order to create efficient, usable solutions for both end-users and developers alike. Much of his experience is in Java, the language he first began with, but he also has appreciable experience doing web development with PHP, MySQL, and JS/jQuery. As an individual, Walid loves to challenge himself in order to fuel his growth. He can typically be found at the gym, on a drive, with friends, or reading about whatever currently piques his interest.


Construction company

A web solution for a construction company to showcase their projects and services to clients and allow for them to send requests which they may manage. This was created to help the company's profile and outreach—a place they could direct customers to ultimately retain.

Substance Tracker

A daily logger for medications, vitamins, supplements, etc. This project was a personal venture to design and implement a tool to enhance my quality of life, tailored to my own needs. I developed it with Java Swing using a modified MVC pattern, with the controller placed between the Model and View.

Ask me about:

Backend development, UX/intutive design, problem solving approaches/mindsets, computer hardware

When did you know that you wanted to work in tech? 

Though my passion for computers began even earlier than that for programming, I had mostly viewed it as a hobby, a means of creative expression which also provided me with utility. The consideration for a career as a software engineer was always there as I explored the different sides of computers and programming over the years, but I have an immense interest in the human body and love to help others, so I had intended to go down the med path.

However, while I wouldn't have minded the schooling, I grew up seeing the kind of lifestyle that entails for oneself and one's family, and just before beginning college (fortunately), it dawned on me that I wouldn't be enabled to live the way I desire. I started to consider becoming a programmer more seriously, and it ultimately became apparent to me that my inclination for problem solving and love for all things computers/logic/math would make a career as a software engineer feel innate, and I'd still be able to help others while maintaining my life priorities.

Connect with Walid

Newtown, PA

Pompton Lakes, NJ

Bachelors in Computer Science, joint from Rutgers University & NJIT

Java, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript/jQuery, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap

Walid Khoudeir

Junior Software Engineer

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