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Alex Mnatsakanov

Senior Product Manager
A Closer Look

Key Strengths

- Ability to work with all levels of stakeholders to reach a common goal and consensus.
- Proven experience in conducting user research remotely and in person, synthesizing the feedback to pull out key insights and using that data to drive the prioritization of work.
- Able to effectively facilitate group activities to achieve desired outcome.
- Able to quickly build a great rapport with each team member, and through regular connects, fosters a collaborative and inclusive team environment.

Field of Experience

- IT Security
- Business Insurance
- Personal Insurance
- Innovation Consulting
- Hardware Infrastructure (servers, databases)

Highlighted Skills

Focuses on the most important problem to solve, working with the team and stakeholders to determine the smallest amount of value to be delivered to start addressing the problem.
Utilizes extensive user and market research to conduct initial research to validate the riskiest assumptions and hypotheses.
Partnering closely with engineering, deep dives into available technologies to ensure any MVP development accounts for the technology that’s available.
Having worked in large enterprises, understands and appreciates the challenges large organizations face. Able to effectively articulate opportunities for lean development that exist even within constraints of a large organization, utilizing some personal experiences and examples.
Effectively facilitates initial brainstorming workshops, asking critical questions of stakeholders to force them outside the perceived limitations and challenging them with ‘why?’ until getting to the core of the problem.

Identifies and focuses on the next most valuable opportunity to pursue, using insights gained from user feedback and lean experiments.
Consistently tests with users any software that has been delivered to ensure it solves the most immediate problem for the users.
Focuses on user value, stakeholder needs and business objectives to ensure the roadmap is in alignment. Communicates the roadmap to all stakeholders frequently.
Continuously prioritizes the backlog to ensure engineers have a deep understanding of where to focus next and that the product is moving in the right direction.

Ensures that the original pain points are being addressed.
Continue regular user feedback sessions to a) understand how the product is being used, b) validate the next pressing problem to address and c) ensure a smooth user experience.
Regularly utilize analytics to help guide continuous product improvement and iteration.
Work with engineering to estimate the cost of bugs and technical debt to adequately allocate time and resources

Projects & Roles

Developed a Self-Service Infrastructure Provisioning App Aimed at Developers and Software Engineers

Worked with a cross-functional team to design and build a web application for self-service infrastructure provisioning. The legacy process took days and weeks for a developer or an architect to request and receive a server or a database. The newly built application was based on numerous interviews with users and stakeholders, and incorporating that feedback, the application was designed in a way to give a user ability to specify the specs of what was needed, the volume, the access type, and receive a configured piece of infrastructure (a Windows or Linux server, a database, or a Cloud Foundry org) within minutes or hours. The application continued to evolve based on user feedback and is in use to-date.

Ran an Effective Product Definition to Highlight to Stakeholders the Most Pressing Problem That Needs Attention

A group of senior stakeholders approached with an idea in mind, to build a portal for their external customers. Over the course of 8 weeks led the team through a thorough discovery: interviewing external users, conducting interviews and ethnographic research with internal employees, speaking with stakeholders and doing market research. At the conclusion of the discovery, the team met with the stakeholders to review our findings. In those we showed clear evidence that while an external portal would be nice to have for their customers, that wasn’t a major pain point. The team identified a much more pressing problem that needed to be addressed (internal legacy systems). Upon listening to the team and reviewing the insights gathered from the research conducted, the stakeholders agreed to proceed with our recommendations. With that in mind, the team moved forward in defining a new platform for the internal users, the MVP of which launched in November 2019.


Home Town

Rocky Hill, CT (hometown)

Current Town

Fairfield, CT (current city)


Bachelor of Business Administration, American International College

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Technologies: Google Suite, Microsoft Suite, Pivotal Tracker, Mural, JIRA, Trello, Rally, Zoom.
Backlog Prioritization
Product Strategy & Roadmapping
Stakeholder Management
Agile Methodologies
User Story Creation
Market Research
Cross Department / Cross Team Communication
Lean Product Development
User Research