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Ben Gross

Senior Software Engineer
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Test Driven Development, Clean & Readable Code, Refactoring, Agile Software Development, Full stack Engineering

When did you know that you wanted to be a developer?

"I spent a year working with a team of developers as an intermediary between the engineering team and the users. After a time, I didn't want to have to ask the engineers for everything so I started making small edits to the code base myself. An engineer saw what I was doing and helped me write my first hello world in Cold Fusion. I quickly moved to Ruby after that and have been hooked ever since."

Projects & Roles


Built an native iOS app and Rails back-end for patients to track treatments and improve their health by integrating with bluetooth-connected IOT medical devices.

Diversity Recruiting Platform

Inherited a large legacy code base used to track job seeking event attendees. Coached customer’s project managers in agile best practices, managed a team of remote engineers. Implemented large scale updates to transition the site into a platform for attendees to find job postings. Added application roles for various users to hiring managers could post listings and reach out to prospective hires.

Enterprise Media Company

Developed tools for managing wedding guest lists

Built a vendor portal for small companies to advertise their services for weddings

Built a suggestion-based display listings catalogue to enable people to find and hire vendors for social events


Home Town

Long Beach, NY (hometown)

Current Town

Brooklyn, NY (current city)


Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, Colby College

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Languages & Technologies

Ruby, Rails, Sinatra, Swift, SwiftUI, Python, Django, Flask, React, Redux, Javascript, PostgreSQL, Heroku, AWS, HTML, CSS, ElasticSearch