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Byron Katz

Senior Software Engineer
A Closer Look

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TDD, BDD, test automation, quality mindset in development, agile

When did you know that you wanted to work in tech?

As a kid in the 80s, school had computer classes with the apple //e and we had a Commodore 64 at home for games. It was love at first sight. My initial forays into programming were primarily copying pieces from other people’s code - Beagle Bros are still my heroes! I was a member of the Memphis Apple Computer club, meeting at Christian Brothers University, where I was entranced with visions of what the apple ii gs could do with HyperCard. There were many copied games passed around on floppies. Ah those were the days. Then I bailed on programming and spent my college years and early professional years as an architect. When 2008 hit, there was an opportunity to jump back in to tech and I took it.

Projects & Roles

Privileged Access Management System

Full-stack development of an encrypted privileged access system for operations at many of the top corporations. Involved in all stages of design including early concept and support. Project was built in .Net C# and SQL Server.

Commercial real estate database performance improvements

On a world-leading commercial real estate database, investigated and corrected bottlenecks in database performance


Home Town

Memphis, TN (hometown)

Current Town

Sterling, VA (current city)


Bachelor of Architecture, University of Tennessee

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.Net (C#), Python, Java, Kotlin, SQL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS

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