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Jonathan Ellington

Senior Software Engineer
A Closer Look

Ask me about

Test Automation, TDD
Web development
Operating systems
Device test automation

When did you know that you wanted to work in tech?

In middle school, I always spent a lot of time on computers. One day a bully was making fun of me for it, calling me a nerd and such. A friend stood up for me, saying “Just watch, he’ll be your boss some day.” If he was right, and computer knowledge could make me this bully’s boss, then I could enact revenge. So I dedicated my life to learning tech.

OK just kidding — the bully wasn’t my motivation, but I did love experimenting on computers as a kid and was always curious about how they work. This led me to take classes in programming and electronics, which I loved, so here I am.

Projects & Roles

Surveillance Camera Test Automation

Built and scaled test automation framework for cloud-managed surveillance cameras. Wrote libraries for object detection, REST APIs, various image settings, and others.

Automated Video Collection

Created service for collection of customer video as training data to improve object detection ML models. Included scheduler, database models, tracking/monitoring, and some front-end components.


Home Town

Tacoma, WA (hometown)

Current Town

Tacoma, WA (current city)


BS in Computer Engineering, University of Washington
MS in Computer Science, Georgia Tech (present)

Connect with Jonathan




Python, Ruby/Rails, JavaScript, C/C++, SQL, CI/CD, Docker

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