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Katrina Henderson

Junior Software Engineer
A Closer Look

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Full-stack web development, Open Source contribution, Agile Software Development

When did you know that you wanted to work in tech?

All my life I have toed the line between being a long-haired flower child and a spectacled geek with a love for all things scientific. I completed my B.S. in Environmental Science in 2016 – the natural world being a great passion of mine. However, I struggled to strike a balance between my desire to analyze and my desire to create. When two of my cousins, with whom I am very close, made career transitions into software engineering I was intrigued and quickly drawn in. With their fervor and encouragement, I found that the more I built, the deeper I wanted to explore. I fell in love with the field – one in which I will always be challenged, always have more to learn, and where I have endless opportunities to create.

Projects & Roles


Home Town

Ames, Iowa

Current Town

Hermosa Beach, CA


B.S. Environmental Science and Resource Management, University of Washington

Completed an immersive software engineering program. (Codesmith)

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