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Keith Perfetti

Senior Software Engineer
A Closer Look

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Full-Stack Development, Scaling Solutions, Process, Test-Driven Development, Platform Architecture, Third-Party Integrations

When did you know that you wanted to work in tech?

"When I was a kid my dad showed me how to work on a few AppleSoft Basic programs so I started automating things on my family computer when I was younger. When I was finishing college to be a photojournalist I needed a website and decided to build it myself. To give myself those skills I petitioned to get into a web programming course. After a semester of that class, my editor-in-chief's husband hired me to write javascript on the side for the same amount per hour I was getting per article. Eventually I realized I could really hone writing software into a real craft that would be supported by jobs who were interested in me learning more and more about things I was interested in. Thus I slowly phased out being a photojournalist into writing software around the country till I wound up in NYC."

Projects & Roles

Campaign Finance Technology

Led scaling efforts during the beginning of Covid-19 quarantine, when campaign finance technology became the only viable method for people to donate to NYC-based political campaigns.

Art Museum

Rebuilt three archive applications’ front-ends and created a standardized API interaction design.


Helped build the front-end of a flood risk calculator to compute insurance prices for all addresses in NYC’s 5 boroughs. Also helped refactor the calculator when FEMA updated their flood insurance rates.

Fashion-Tech Startup

Worked with the team to build the front-end of an E-commerce platform for preordering high fashion clothing and the admin area to editorialize any page.

Keith managed the remote team in India and also built an isometric rendering engine based on Algolia and Mustache.js templates.

Flash Sale Startup Post-Acquisition

Completed overhaul of the front end of the site and the eventual integration of sale-affiliate reporting to the acquiring company's corporate APIs.

Government Contractor

Taught the engineering staff React.js and React best practices, and provided a roadmap for implementing React throughout the rest of the application.

Early Stage Startup

Build a custom captive portal to monetize commercial internet connections.


Home Town

Highland Park, NJ (hometown)

Current Town

Brooklyn, NY (current city)


Bachelor of Arts, Double Major in Fine Art Photography and Journalism, University of Arizona

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Languages & Technologies

Ruby, Python, MySQL, RSpec, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, jQuery, SS3, MongoDB, Redis, jQuery, PHP, React.js, Heroku, Aurelia, Sinatra, Django, Postgres, AWS Services

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